Your Home May Be Hurting Your Health (VIDEO)

dawn lorenz and suzanne somersIs your home a toxic trap? I'm not just talking about whether or not you've got dishes piled high or you've got in-laws in the guest bedroom outstaying their welcome. So many of us just stick to the home products and appliances we're accustomed to -- that our parents used or that we're convinced (likely thanks to advertising) are "state-of-the-art." But filling our cabinets with certain cleaners and our kitchens with rooms with various materials may be making us sick! That's the topic Suzanne Somers explored in her latest episode of the CafeMom Studios YouTube channel show Suzanne Somers Breaking Through.

Suzanne sat down with mom and green home expert who writes, Dawn Lorenz, who says that when she got pregnant for the first time, really started to take notice of hazardous items in her home.



For instance, she realized that her dishwasher should have racks coated with nylon, not toxic PVC. She did away with air fresheners or plug-ins and started using straight-up essential oils. She went back to basics with cleaning products, opting for baking soda and hydrogen peroxide instead of bleach. So smart! And there's more ...

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Suzanne asked Dawn to cite the top three steps any mom can take to "detox" her home, and they're actually really simple. Here they are in the episode (at around 3:00). And be sure to keep watching, too, because then Suzanne talks to neuroscientist Dr. Russell Blaylock about toxins our kids are exposed to -- even when they're in the womb -- and how that can lead to neurological diseases, like Parkinson's, brain tumors, and dementia.

I'm really so glad that Suzanne is calling attention to these everyday steps that we can all take to make our homes -- and by extension, ourselves -- healthier. Sure, I get that sometimes you have to pick your battles. We can't all be 100 percent green and clean 100 percent of the time, but to do our best to keep chemicals and toxins away from our loved ones -- and out of our diets! -- seems well worth the effort.

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Do you follow or plan to follow some of the tips Suzanne, Dawn, and Dr. Blaylock offer up in this episode?


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