Purple Heart-Winning Soldier Saves Brave Military Dog's Life (VIDEO)

megan levyYay, good news! U.S. Marine Corporal Megan Levy, who also happens to be a Purple Heart winner, is able to keep her adorable dog, who was about to be put to sleep! Woo-hoo! Okay, lemme explain.

So, for the last few years, Levy has been fighting tons of red tape in order to adopt Rex, her German Shepherd combat dog, who lost his sense of smell in the same incident that earned her a Purple Heart. The military wanted to euthanize the poor little guy, 'cause he was no longer able to sniff out bombs. But Levy wouldn't have it. She organized a campaign and, with the help of U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer, had him rescued. Yay! The pair will be reunited in California later this week. Check out the video.


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So adorable. And so great. Seriously, it would have been heart-breaking if Rex was put to sleep merely for not being able to smell -- especially when the reason he can't is because of something heroic he did.

I'm so happy Levy went through the trouble that she did to be reunited with her pup. These two are undoubtedly made for each other. Heart.

How cute is this?

Image via ABC

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