6 Easy & Adorable DIY Easter Crafts

Easter BasketHippity hoppity, it's that time of year when the big bunny himself (herself?) will making it to homes everywhere. But will your home be ready?

Easter is such a fun holiday to decorate for, as it offers beautiful colors and plenty of themes with which to work. You don't have to spend a fortunate either buying tons of decorations, because you can make plenty of easy and adorable ones yourself. Here are six to help you hop to it.


Spring Flowers

I love this flower-filled bucket that brightens any room. The color and pattern combination possibilities are endless, and it's great all spring long, even if you don't celebrate Easter.

Easter Cake Pops

When a craft is edible, it motivates me all the more to finish what I start (I could show you shelves of half-finished craft projects in my garage that are inedible). These adorable little cake pops do just the trick. Delicious and darling, what more can you ask.


There's no need to buy an expensive, professional arrangement; there are plenty of ways to dress a festive table with just a few basic items. Viva L'Event provides some unique ones, including one that uses eggs and one that uses Peeps.

Easter Egg Garland

The end result is adorable, as you string together brightly colored plastic Easter eggs with ribbon. It can be hung over a doorway, on a mantle, or anywhere else you need a little Easter cheer.

Butterfly Tree

I love this tree that's covered with adorable butterflies. This is another one you don't have to worry about putting away when the Easter baskets have come and gone.

String Eggs

This is one of the best Easter crafts of all time, and there are so many uses for the finished product. After popping the balloons, you can fill bowls with the eggs, string them together as garland, or use them to make a centerpiece. This is a great one to do with kids.

What are your favorite Easter crafts?


Image via The Idea Room

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