Doggie Sunglasses Look Ridiculous but Don't Laugh Them Off Yet

cutest dog ever
My dog in a pair of regular ol' sunglases
There comes a point in every pet owner's life when they put sunglasses on their dog or cat ... right? But much like the other human items we put on them -- hats, scarves, socks -- they just don't fit properly. Sure, with your help, they'll stay on for a picture or 10, but when we take our pooches out for a walk, it's Squint City for the little guys. Unlike us, they can't enjoy the eye-shading luxury a pair of sunglasses provide. Actually, make that they couldn't.

Doogles are here, my friends. Yes, that's sunglasses for dogs. And with all the other crap out there for sale in the world, can you honestly say you're surprised?


Now, before you get all sanctimonious on me here, wanting to tell me that, duh, sunglasses for dogs have been around for eons, hold on a doggone second. Doggles are different. Doggles aren't your run-of-the-mill dog sunglasses. Doggles are special. They're the Bentleys of the dog sunglasses world. Bet you never thought you'd read that sentence. Anyway! Okay, what makes these shades so great?

Well, since you asked, they have things like UV protection, polycarbonate and anti-fog lenses, and they're vet opthamologist recommended. Also, their site boosts some of the finest Google reviews out there, like this one: "Jack likes Doggles."

So, pet owners, what's it gonna be? Are you in for a pair of Doggles or out? Personally, I'm going to have go with out. At least for now. It's not that I don't care about the ocular health of my shih-tzu, on the contrary; it's just, I've had my eye on a raincoat for him for sometime now. And sunglasses and a raincoat in one month? Psh, I'm not a crazy person.

Would you buy your dog a pair of Doggles?


Image via Nicole Fabian-Weber

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