Super Cute Puppy Loves His Reflection a Little Too Much (VIDEO)

puppy mirrorOh, the world is just one big giant mystery as far as puppies are concerned. So many things to chew on figure out ... except, whoa! What if there's some unidentifiable object that won't fit in your mouth?! Puppy powers of deduction = severely compromised.

That's what the poor little guy in this video is dealing with. Hey, mirrors are confusing at first! Too big to chew, and so sneaky ... always pulling that "Look, another puppy!" trick.


And then right when you go running to meet the other puppy (who looks like he could be related to you, handsome devil) ...

BAM! What the ... ?

It's a cruel world, tiny furball.

That certainly didn't go well. Still, like any puppy worth his salt, he kept on trying.

Hopefully he didn't give himself a canine concussion.

How does your pet react to mirrors?


Image via batman19892001/YouTube

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