Adorable Sheepdog Puppy Herding Ducklings Gives Us a Warm, Fuzzy Feeling for Spring (VIDEO)

Today is the first day of Spring, and the season is pretty much synonymous with flowers blooming, birds chirping, and of course, baby animals making us feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Take a look at the video below of an adorable little sheepdog puppy trying to herd a group of ducklings away from his water bowl -- and see if you can resist cracking a smile! (Bet ya' can't)!

Aren't they absolutely adorable together? This video kind of makes me want to rush out and adopt little sheepdog, or a duckling -- or maybe both!


I love how this little guy kept trying to usher the ducklings away from his bowl, but the minute he turned his back, they rushed right back in. I guess none of them were too keen on giving up a nice cool drink of water!

And how sweet was it when the puppy finally started barking -- and his mother came to the rescue? I guess it doesn't matter whether you are a human or an animal -- the whole mama bear thing always seems to kick in. It's a force that is impossible to fight -- and one to be reckoned with for sure, as these little ducks found out!

Have you introduced your puppy to any other kinds of animals?

Image via AnimalPlanetTV/YouTube

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