No Need to Fear the Big Bad Wolf in This Straw House (VIDEO)

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One builder in Ohio is taking the idea of constructing a green home to a whole new level, by using straw instead of regular building materials. Straw. As in hay. As in "The Three Little Pigs."

But wait a minute -- I thought that the Big Bad Wolf destroyed the straw house, which forced that little pig to move in with the one who used bricks instead? I'm confused. How can a straw house actually stand up against rain, wind, snow, and whatever else Mother Nature may throw at it?

According to the builder, there is nothing to fear, as there is some kind of mud used to effectively pack the straw into the house. He calls it "earth plaster." Yeah -- ok.

While the idea of living in a house made of straw may not seem feasible or appealing to most people, those who are extremely passionate about green living may find it to be the perfect place to call home. And perhaps the biggest draw of the home is the fact that it would only cost about $300 per year to heat and cool. Can you even imagine seeing bills that low? Heck -- I pay that much in one month for oil heat!

Sounds like a pretty good deal to me, so what's the catch? Well, it turns out that the straw house may cost $15,000 to $20,000 more than a house made from regular materials. So while you may wind up saving money in cooling and heating fees over the course of the year, you will have to fork out a little more cash up front. I guess it's kind of a toss-up depending on how much you want to spend. But for people who are determined to live in an eco-friendly structure, however, it sounds like the benefits of this home outweigh the costs.

One single mom built her own straw house in 2000 -- you can hear her story in the video clip below.

Would you consider living in a straw house?


Image via iphilipp/Flickr

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Eques... EquestrianMom

Darned right I would! They call it straw adobe building, been used for a long time out in the desert, the way we build them has changed, but the idea is the same. If I could afford one, I'd have one! Afreind of mine has a house(ok, two split homes) that is amazing, no cooling in the summer and a big shared fireplace for the winter, very well designed and amazing home!

the4m... the4mutts

Omg! I totaly would! That would be awesome!

MrsCh... MrsChurch

This is nothing new. My dad builds straw-bale houses in Arizona, and they are simply GORGEOUS. Some of the nicests homes I've seen. He built a custom one for himself that he recently put the finishing touches on and it's lovely. If I had land, I'd fly him out to build one for me!

suziejax suziejax

I have never heard of this before till  now ,, very interesting

dusky... dusky_rose

When I was a kid, our neighbor bailed up the hay in our field and then we went out and built straw houses. It was so much fun! But this article makes me wonder how they put windows in these permanent straw buildings. You don't see any in the pictures here.

Kayla... KaylaMillar

It's cool to look at but I probably wouldn't live in one !

MamaM... MamaMandee

I have seen this on HGTV and think it is a very cool idea! 

elasmimi elasmimi

I have never heard of this.

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