Adorable Gambling Cat Should Take His Game to Vegas (VIDEO)

Animals are cute & cuddly and sweet & adorable and all that good stuff, but sometimes it's easy to forget how intelligent they can be. Just because they can't talk doesn't mean they don't have very complex thoughts and ideas! Take this precious little kitty for example. He looks like your average, everyday house cat -- until you watch the video clip below of him playing the shell game with his owner.

Watch and try not to crack a smile and chuckle a little as this quirky little guy follows the walnut shells as his owner moves them around -- and then correctly guesses which one is hiding the rock.


Can you believe he got it right almost every time? He's quite the feline gambler, isn't he? It was so cute how his eyes followed the shells as they were moved around. And even more adorable was how he sat there and stared at them and pondered which one was hiding the rock before batting it with his paw to choose it. He really looked like he put a lot of thought into it before making his guess!

The owner of this cat should really consider bringing him along on a trip to Vegas. He could wind up being a very successful good luck charm!

Do your pets have any funny or smart tricks?


Image via FailShowTV/YouTube

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