Wyoming Town for Sale Will Make Our Dreams Come True

buford wyomingSo I couldn't help noticing today: There's an entire town for sale for $100,000. A whole freakin' town in Wyoming! And while I don't exactly have $100K sitting here in my back pocket, I can't believe how cheap that is. Do you know what $100K will buy you in my neighborhood? A bathroom. Maybe a parking space.

Can I please buy this town?

I have so many ideas! I mean, sure it's way out in Wyoming and there's only three houses, a gas station/convenience store, and a post office, plus one inhabitant. But I see soooo much potential here. I almost want to set up a whole new Pinterest account just to help me decorate my new town I'm about to buy.


Okay, so one of my ideas is to create an artists colony/destination, like Marfa, Texas. See, Marfa was just another tiny little western town in Texas until a bunch of wealthy art collectors built a hip museum/installation nearby. And then a bunch of hip artists flocked down there, and now it's this whole arty destination. They have a Prada! So I could do that. Art tourism, that would definitely work in Wyoming. I'm serious. I just need to find some art.

Or, I could turn it into a celebrity rehab spa. Right? Detox in the sweet serenity of the Rocky Mountains. (Actually, I'm checking the map and it looks like it's pretty far east of the mountains, so scratch that.) Still, if you're trying to kick heroin, or cupcakes, or what have you, this is pretty darn isolated.

You know what I've always wanted? My very own emu ranch. And then I could hire a bunch of emo kids to help run it. Runaway emo kids on the emu ranch! Wouldn't that be beautiful? Makes me want to cry just thinking about it.

Or it could just be my vacation home. I have a sister, brother-in-law, and nephew in Denver. And I have more family in Salt Lake City. They could come up and visit us there, stay in the schoolhouse, or the gas station! Well, maybe not the gas station. But I would send them off with a free tank for the ride home.

Super, I totally have a plan now. I just have to talk my husband into it. Wish me luck!

What would you do with a whole town?


Image via frankosten/Flickr

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