Cats Playing Patty-cake in French Are Tres Adorable! (VIDEO)

cats frenchI don't know what your cats do all day, but I'm sorry to say it's probably not nearly as clever or charming as what these French felines do to pass the time. Non! Don't bother trying to tell me all about how your little Fluffy is as fabulous as any furball in France, if not more fabulous. C'est impossible!

Seriously, I want these cats to have a reality TV series. The Real Housecats of Paris. The world needs less Snooki, more chats en francais.


Oh, how I love them! They have such distinct personalities, too. The funny dude who can be kind of annoying, the more serious guy who can be kind of a stick in the mud. They balance each other out. You know, like kitty yin and yang.

Are you dying? Are you dying of The Cute??

Do your cats sing with a French accent? (Just kidding.) Do they play together like these cats?


Image via faireset2/YouTube

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