Stores Crack Down on Coupon Lovers -- and They Should (VIDEO)

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Are you one of those people who is obsessed with saving as much money as you can at supermarkets and grocery stores by clipping coupons? If so, then you may not be too happy after hearing that some larger retailers such as Walmart, Target, Kroger, and Rite-Aid have wised up to the phenomenon know as "extreme couponing," and they are starting to implement stricter policies when it comes to using coupons.

I'm not gonna lie -- I'm not a couponer. I just don't have the discipline or time to clip and organize coupons at all, let alone come up with an entire strategy for shopping with them. And I'll even take it one step further -- I'm "that girl" standing behind coupon lovers in the check-out line rolling my eyes and sighing heavily. Shameful, but true. And from my perspective, stores cracking down on couponing is a huge relief.

Most hard core couponers are pretty passionate about their clipping habit, however, so much so that TLC even saw fit to create that reality show called Extreme Couponing. (They'll make a show out of anything these days.) It's quite astonishing to think that there are people out there who have figured out how to beat the system by using coupons and buying in bulk -- and oftentimes even walk out of stores without having to pay anything at all for their items. This practice, of course, hasn't exactly thrilled retailers. Here's a shocker -- apparently they want to make an actual profit off their items instead of having people wipe out their shelves without paying a cent. Huh. Imagine that.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that using coupons is bad or anything like that, and I honestly might even try it myself if I had a few extra hours built into my week. But for busy women like me who only have a limited amount of time at the grocery store, there just isn't any room for couponing, or for waiting for other people to have all of their coupons scanned. One or two is no big deal, but I absolutely cringe when I find myself behind someone who has an entire fistful of them. At least now, with more stores putting coupon policies in place, the supermarket check-out line will become a little more bearable for those of us who aren't coupon clippers.

You can see a clip from TLC's Extreme Couponing in the video below.


Do you use coupons when you shop?

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nonmember avatar Cicely

While I do understand your frustration, I think it is a little out of place. I do feel bad for those behind me in line when using coupons, but then I remember all the times I've been forced to wait while the "bring your own baggers, price checkers, check writers, etc..." make me wait and I think its okay. Also, as a student and wife I realize that the money I've saved has made it possible to stay off of public support in any way - and made it possible for my husband and I to afford our health insurance. Both of which mean no drain on you and other taxpayers. So take heart and try to have a little more patience. I get embarrassed and hurt by people like you when using coupons although I know I shouldn't. Remember that sometimes the people using the coupons would rather they not have to as well. And I am also all for stricter policies - as I have and always will follow to the letter. I am not out buying 400 mustards to make a profit - but rather just feeding a small family of two on a really tight budget!

Kritika Kritika

I saw an episode where the mom and daughter spent like 5 hours at the grocery store - 2 of those hours were JUST checking out. It's ridiculous but if they were allowed to do it then who am I to say anything. Just made it so they can't do that anymore.

LucyC... LucyCarrington

Ms. Fischer - you very obviously don't know what you are talking about. Please do some research on how stores get reimbursed for coupons... I am embarrassed for you.

tcm_mom tcm_mom

Stores get reimbursed for the coupons by the manufacturer. They don't lose out on money when someone uses coupons. I admit I am somewhat of a couponer and I hate to think that stores want to make it more difficult for consumers to save money when it's not costing the store a dime

Skyhook Skyhook

Coupons are just like money to a store.

pjbarbie pjbarbie

What I find disturbing about these extreme couponers is that they stock up massive amounts of products they can't/won't use.  Who needs 100 bottles of mustard?  Then they go out the next week and buy even more.  I'm all for people saving money, as much as they can, but these fanatics should be donating at least some of these items to the local food pantry or church.  They don't because they won't get the write off since they didn't actually 'pay' for the items.

corri... corrinacs

I agree with you pjbarbie.  I dont' get it.  I saw an episode of Extreme Couponing and the lady had about 100000 (not even kidding) packages of Stoeffer's.  I don't know about you, but that totally grossed me out!  I make my own lasagna anyway!  The packaged foods that these people get are totally NOT healthy in the least bit.  Just like 10 bottles of mustard?  What does she do, feed teh neighborhood each night?  The #1 rule of couponing is only use coupons for items YOU ARE GOING TO USE!!!!!!

With that being said, the stores do get reimbursed from the coupon companies, and the companies get thier money from advertising from the original companies.

I wish I had mroe time for couponing as well. But oh well :) :).  I'm doing just fine without them.  Some people have to do it becasue they can't afford food otherwise, adn I understand that.  But if you were, I would say contact the store ahead of time so they know they need to bring in mroe people.  I got caught behind a lady at the store with a ton of coupons, etc and I had a fussy baby, a toddler who couldn't sit still standing right next to the peanut candy (he's anaphalactic).  By teh end I had more than had it with her and the store for only having one lane open :/

nonmember avatar Cynthia

Try living in almost any other country where you CAN NOT do this! There are strict limits to coupons and how you can use them in Canada and they are not essentially free money for you to use. 1 coupon/customer/visit most places. Sure, you can use 20 different coupons for 20 different products, but there's no "making money" from using them here! I find it crazy that stores would allow this type of behavior.


I'm behind you rolling my eyes too when someone hands over 59300 coupons. This "free with purchase of that" and it's such a disaster sometimes. I also agree with pjbarbie and cirrinacs. I think a high amount of these people who have 4800 bars of soap are just greedy and are braggarts. They have a completely different personality than most of us. I know a few people who brag on FB how much "free stuff" they got and how long it took them to check out with no way to use many of the products they got. One friend (acquaintance) I know got some crazy deal on men's razors and she's single. Where's the sense in that?

I don't mind a few coupons like it used to be but this extreme stuff makes no sense to me. Doesn't anyone value their time? It's not just the time to find them or print or clip them but to then shop for them, check them out, load and unload this junk in/out of your vehicle and to then put it all away???? Where is the savings here?

So yes, I'm rolling my eyes.

2Boun... 2BouncyMonkeys

Those people on the TLC show should also be on hoarder.

I coupon shop and I am proud of it.  It is not out of necessity, but because I am frugal and like to save a buck when I can.  And you can just wait behind me while I check-out, hand over coupons, pay and leave.

And if you wait in line behind a bulk shopper, that's just you being dumb.  Go to another check stand.

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