Snuggling With a Cat Saved Missing Hiker’s Life

catNeed more evidence that cats rule and dogs drool? Listen to this. A woman who had wandered off the hiking trail in a New Mexican national park survived for three and a half weeks with little to no supplies, in freezing nighttime temperatures, thanks to her cat. Margaret Page, 41, and her beloved pet snuggled every night together in a blue sleeping bag to keep warm. And when Margaret ran out of food, the little kitty cat went hunting. Aw! Why, exactly, Margaret was hiking with her cat is another story, because, like, how does that work, but still. Amazing.


Page was found by rescuers looking emaciated and malnourished but was well-hydrated because of a fresh water creek nearby. The cat, by all accounts, was in fantastic shape. But what did we expect -- it's an animal. It probably had the time of its life on this extended vacation in the woods.

You know, cats are the best. They're so snuggly and warm and helpful, shoot. Margaret was probably lucky in more ways than one that her furry sidekick was there the whole time. I'm sure it made her feel less lonely and more optimistic about being found. Also: someone to talk to! Because everyone talks to their cats, right? Not just me?

Anyway, there you have it. Cats: 1 million. Dogs: 0.

Has your pet ever helped you through a tough time?


Photo via i'm a kitty kat/Flickr

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