You Can Own Carrie Bradshaw's Apartment but You'll Get More Than You Bargained For


One lucky home buyer in New York City is going to get the ultimate piece of memorabilia from one of the Big Apple's most famous TV shows, Sex and the City. The brownstone that was used as the front for Carrie Bradshaw's famous apartment is once again on the market for a cool $9.65 million. How amazing would it be to actually own Carrie's iconic pad?

As a writer and die-hard Sex and the City fan, I can't think of anything more exciting than living in Carrie's digs. OMG. Does her shoe collection come with the house? Hmm. Probably not. But the hefty price tag of the place will actually get you a lot more space than Carrie had in her 1-bedroom pad on the show. The home boasts 4,100 square feet, five bedrooms, and six fireplaces. Not too shabby!

The brownstone is located at 64 Perry Street, which is in the West Village neighborhood of New York, away from some of the more touristy areas. However, despite the home's more residential location, plenty of gawkers come to stare at the front stoop where Carrie enjoyed many a cigarette after her escapades in the city. And apparently the neighbors surrounding the place aren't too thrilled about it. I guess you can't blame them though. It's not very relaxing to try and enjoy a morning cup of coffee with a crowd of people standing outside the window. (Maybe they think Carrie is still in there or something?)

There's actually a very good chance that the people selling the unit are moving out for that very reason, considering they have only lived there since November of last year. They paid $9 million for the home, so it's not like they stand to make any sort of insanely huge profit in selling it so quickly. They must have a very good reason for wanting to move out of Carrie Bradshaw's pad, as most people wouldn't want to let a piece of TV history go that quickly. Either that, or they aren't as big fans of Sex and the City as they originally thought.

Would you put a bid in on Carrie's apartment if you could afford it?

Image via evamay78/Flickr

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Sili M. Recio

As a writer, I'd say HELL YES! Now wondering who would buy this for

Just reading this took me back to the days of the black Mac with the upsidedown apple! This made me happy to read.  Thanks, babes!

jalaz77 jalaz77

Yup!!!! Sure would : ) I got goosebumps reading this, I may have to act like a buyer just to look around the place! Hahaha.

nonmember avatar KT

Yes thats a pic of the outside but what was described isn't the inside of her apartment!

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