Watch an Incredibly Cute Kitty Play With an Even Cuter Baby Monkey (VIDEO)

kitten and monkeyAlright, it's almost quitting time where I am right now, and you know what that means -- time for an adorable animal video. Yayyyy! Squeee! Awww! Cooo!

Today's video doesn't just have one adorable animal, though. It has two. (Actually, it's three if you want to count the cute pup who has a cameo.) It's a ridiculously cute monkey (seriously, prepare to die) playing with an equally ridiculously cute kitten. The result is pure heaven. Check it out, friend. You deserve it.


First all, that cat, with it's leopard-print fur, is amazing. Second of all, that monkey, with its little head and its hopping around, is amazing. Third of all, am I the only one wondering if these two come as a set? I could watch them play for hours. It's a tried-and-true fact: Inter-species play does not get old. And it's a no-fail mood booster. Always. Every time. Seriously, try not cracking a smile when you watch this video. It's impossible. I think if I just lost my job, got divorced, and got punched in the face, this video would make everything alright.

Okay, I might be being a bit hyperbolic, but you get what I'm saying here. This video's the bomb -- and so are kitties and baby monkeys.

I mean, seriously guys, how adorable is this? Obsessed!


Image via MaxBilbow/YouTube

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