Adele's New Haunted House Terrifies Her! (VIDEO)

adeleAdele may have a set of pipes that make her sound confident and ready to take over the world, but it turns out she is a bit of a scaredy-cat when it comes to sleeping alone in her own house -- because she thinks it's haunted! After hearing strange noises at night, she told a friend of hers, "The house gives me the creeps." In fact, she's so petrified of the 25-acre property she lives on that she's supposedly even hired a couple of additional security people to stand guard on the grounds, and had her bodyguard move into the house with her.

Not that I can say that I blame her. The estate she's currently renting sounds a bit beyond freaky, if you ask me. The $11 million and change mansion is quite large, and even has 10 bedrooms. But it's not only the sheer size of the home that sends shivers down Adele's spine. It's the history that goes along with the place that really makes it scary.


As it turns out, the house has a pretty strong religious background, as it used to be a convent at one point. How creepy is that? I'd be nervous to sleep under a roof where a bunch of nuns once lived, that's for sure. I think I'd be worried that their ghosts would be watching over me, ready to give me a good scolding for any bad behavior. If any place lends itself to the likelihood of being haunted, it's an old convent!

A chapel exists on the property as well, which also adds to the fear factor of the place. There's just something incredibly spooky about old churches, especially ones that haven't been used in some time. They really seem like a haven for ghosts, don't they?

After seeing some shots of the house in this video clip below from her interview with Anderson Cooper, it's easy to tell why she's so freaked out. The place is absolutely massive and has all sorts of places for ghosts to hide!

Considering the fact that Adele is shelling out quite a hefty sum of money to rent this property, coupled with an extra £100,000 per year to pay the extra guards, I'd think twice about renewing the lease if I were her. If you can't get a good night's sleep in your own home, then how are you supposed to have the energy to get on stage and sing?

Would you ever buy or rent a house you knew was haunted?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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