Fall in Love With Lucite Furniture (I Did!)

Here's a fun fact: Lucite and Plexiglas are basically the same thing. Both are forms of acrylic glass and can be used in tons of different ways. A few years ago we saw Lucite make a resurgence all over the design world, and I couldn't be more thrilled to see the trend continue.

Today, I thought I'd share some of my favorite ways to incorporate more Lucite into your life. Maybe you'll become a Lucite fan too!

I love how this boxy Lucite coffee table manages to tie the room together perfectly. Plus, no need to worry about your toddler accidentally shattering the glass! One of my favorite features about Lucite is the fact that it's absolutely family-friendly.


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nonmember avatar Melanie Saucier

I'v never been a fan of glass furniture so to me, lucite or plexiglass was visually pretty much the same. I can appreciate seeing interiors with well chosen pieces in lucite and I often admire pieces from Kartell, but I don't see my home incorporating these. It's very personal but I feel this material is "cold" and too perfect, as opposed to wood let's say. But I have to admit, I am pleased by the picture of the ghost chair paired with a heavy wood desk and the old world frames. The tray is nice too, it's a good way to visualize and/or display your accessories. So all in all, now that you made me think of lucite...I might want to give it a try! ;)

Carole Weitner

Lucite/acrylic/plexiglass seems like such a poor material to use in anything home related. It is too soft, scratches too easily, and is actually hard to clean. It seems to attract more dust than glass. Cleaning seems to create a static charge that traps the the last remaining dust particles at the end of a cleaning swipe and it is maddening to try to remove them.

MrsCh... MrsChurch

Eh, I'm not digging it. It just looks cheap.

nonmember avatar Brandenberry

Lucite is a great material to work with, and it can make furniture look cool. However, some people have commented that the furniture made of Lucite looks cheap and reminds them of cheap plastic. Is that really so?

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