Guess Which 'Blue Bloods' Star Is Selling Houses (VIDEO)

Are you a fan of Blue Bloods on CBS who also happens to be hunting for a house? If you are, then one of the stars of the show may wind up helping you select the perfect place to call home with his sexy voice. Intrigued?

Well, Coldwell Banker Real Estate just released a new series of video ads featuring a Blue Bloods hunk as the narrator -- and after hearing him speak a line or two, you will probably recognize his deep, masculine tone fairly easily.

Watch the video clip below and see if you can figure out who the man behind the ads is!

Sooo -- have you figured it out yet? And are you swooning?


No -- you're ears aren't playing tricks on you. The voice in the videos is none other than Tom Selleck. (How long did it take for you to guess)? And other than the fact that he has the perfect voice for any sort of narration, Tom was chosen to be the person speaking on the videos for a very special reason.

As it turns out, Selleck's own father worked for Coldwell Banker Real Estate for 40-years, so Tom talking about "what makes a home" really holds special meaning to him. Aww! Just when we thought he couldn't get any more dreamy, he shows off what a true family man he is and makes us love him even more!

And aside from the appeal of Tom's super-sexy voice, you can't help but get a warm fuzzy and want to cuddle up at home with your loved ones after watching this video. It really does properly express what really makes a house a home by pointing out all of the little moments that make our lives so special.

What does "being home" mean to you?


Image via coldwellbanker/YouTube

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