There's No Place Like Judy Garland's Home (Want to Live There?)

judy garlandThe Wizard of Oz is definitely one of those movies that you can watch over and over again without it getting tiresome -- no matter how many times you've seen it, or how old you are. I started watching it every year on TV as a young child, and to this day, I still tend to stop and tune in when I see it listed on my channel guide. It's just too great of a classic to pass up.

Of course, there are people who are a bit more fanatical about the film than most, and some even spend thousands of dollars on memorabilia of all things associated with the movie, or items having anything to do with its leading lady, Judy Garland. Collectors may not ever get the chance to get their hands on the famous ruby slippers worn by her character, Dorothy, but one lucky buyer can get the full extent of the whole "There's No Place Like Home" concept by living in the Bel Air house that Judy owned at one time.


The property just went on the market for $7.1 million, which almost sounds like a bargain considering how much history is behind its walls. You really just can't put a price on something like that. The style of the home is very traditional to the year it was built, 1938, and has a ton of character and charm. And considering that Judy lived there during the time that she was playing Dorothy, it makes the home even more mysterious and appealing. I wonder if Garland had any idea of just how iconic her role as a naive, young girl from Kansas would be?

At 5,500 square feet, the home is fairly large, and also offers five bedrooms and five bathrooms, even two powder rooms for guests. And being that it is in California, there is, of course, a pool in the backyard, along with plenty of room for your own little Toto to run around. As an added bonus, there is what's called a writers' studio that sits on the property's 2.5 acres as well. Huh. I could definitely go for one of those. And while there isn't exactly a yellow brick road, there is a red brick veranda. Close enough, right?

Most of us can only dream of getting to tour the houses where famous movie stars once lived, let alone actually having the opportunity to sleep under the same roof that they did. Whoever scoops up Judy Garland's former house will get a whole lot more than a place to hang their hat, that's for sure.

Would you buy a piece of Hollywood history if you could afford it?


Image via classic film scans/Flickr

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