Build Your Own IKEA House for the Ultimate Craft Challenge

ikea houseI know most of us aren't quite sure how to handle this housing market situation right now -- do we buy? do we sell? do we refinance? what? tell me! -- but fortunately, there's someone shedding some light on the conundrum, and that someone happens to be IKEA. They've developed a pre-fabricated home that you can purchase for only $80,000. It's a lovely one bedroom, one bath, one level abode that's eco-friendly and full of all the coolest IKEA furnishings. It's been called "hip" and "modern" and it's taking, surprise surprise, the Portland Home & Garden show by storm. I mean, it would, wouldn't it.

So, guys. Are you up for THE ULTIMATE IKEA CHALLENGE of assembling your own house? Think of all those ridged, cylindrical wooden pegs! Think of all the tiny little Allen wrenches! So fun!

So they don't say that the house is self-assembly, but it's IKEA -- what isn't self-assembly there? I like to think that they're literally going to ship you pieces of a house that you've got to put together using their tiny little tools and the instruction booklet that only has pictures, no words.

All you'll need is an empty lot, a friend or spouse (IKEA assembly booklets always recommend that you work with a partner) and 100,000 hours. I mean, you'll have to sort through hundreds of tiny plastic bags that hold screws that all look the same, but are apparently different, and you'll mix up what's supposed to be the floor and what's supposed to be the roof and you'll have to re-do it, and of course you'll lose your temper and start kicking the shit out of some piece of painted white wood that doesn't seem to fit anywhere entire piece, and then there's the crying and the threats of divorce ... so, yes. You'll need some time.

But once it's all done and you've managed to figure out how to install plumbing and electricity all from those little cartoon character drawings, you'll have a house! Hooray! Then the other part of the fun begins, waiting for it to come crashing down around you because, oops, that piece of painted white wood actually did have a use. Sorry, honey.

What do you think of the IKEA house?


Photo via seanboyer/Flickr

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jayde... jaydensmom1726

i think its cool .maybe they will offer a 2 bedroom later

writi... writingafwife

Umm Ikea is just the inside, the furnishings. The actual house is an ideabox house.

prplecat prplecat

Sears & Roebuck offered several houses by mail-order in the early 1900's.  Some of them are still standing.  If IKEA offered a bigger model, I might actually give it a try!

momav... momavanessa

80,000 for a one bdrm? Yeah no thanks. When now house prices have dropped so much that a nice 3 bdrm house near my place sold for 85,000.

nonmember avatar ZoesMom

$80,000 for any shelter in New York is a steal, given you have the land. My build-a-house project would probably crash on me tho, lol I know my limits!

momto... momtolittleg

I am the IKEA assembly MASTER!  We got several pieces from them when we moved into our new house, and I was so proud of myself for putting it all together, sans screwups!  I love their instructions, though I wish they'd throw a few words in there with all the pictures.  

Sounds like a neat idea.

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AngiDas AngiDas

It could be the wave of the future. We due for a change in how our domiciles look like.

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