Adorable Baguette-Stealing Dog Will Make You Want to Hug Your Pet Now (VIDEO)

dog with baguetteYou know what they say about cute dog videos -- you can never have too many. You know what they say about cute dog videos where the fluffy, four-legged star is trying to steal a giant baguette to bring back to his crate (to no avail, obvs) -- they'll blow your mind.

In other words, sit back, relax, and brace yourself to have your mind blown. It's all cute doggies and baguettes from here on out. If this doesn't put a smile on your face this morning, I don't know what will.


Que adorable, si? Actually, what I really should be saying is "tre bien" because of the baguette and all. This little guy thought he was so slight, ganking that fresh loaf -- all he wanted to do was bring it back to his crib and have a snack, but the dang thing wouldn't fit through the door -- at least, not how he was going about it.

As a pet lover -- and a person with a pulse -- this video slays me. It's too cute for words, and seriously the perfect remedy for a bad mood, kind of like all dogs are, amiright? 'Cause guess what? Their adorableness does not end with the thievery of baked goods! No sirree. Here are five incredibly adorable things my dog (and most dogs) do. Yay, dogs!

Running away when it's bath time. Yeah, it's "sort of annoying," because all you're trying to do is get them clean, but secretly, it's pretty damn sweet that they know what they've got coming.

Falling asleep while sitting up. Aw! Little boy's tired? Take a load off, buddy. Put your head down. You deserve it.

Stretching after a good night's sleep. He looks very cat-like when he does it -- and it never gets old. I love seeing my shih tzu's back arch up after a long nap.

Looking up at you -- to the point where it looks like their head might fall off -- when you're preparing food. I know, I know, begging's not cool, but look at their faces! Precious. And it's like they're Jedi-mind-tricking us into giving them some crumbs. Works every time.

Laying on stuff. Not sure if this is more of a small dog trait, or if all pups do this, but any time anything touches the floor -- a blanket, a box, a pile of dirty clothes -- my dog has to get on top. He's snuggly like that. See:

adorable little doggie

What super cute things does your dog -- or cat -- do?

Image via TaylorRM1992/YouTube/Nicole Fabian-Weber

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