9 Simple & Satisfying Splurges for the Home (That You Totally Deserve)

Sheri Reed | Mar 29, 2012 Home & Garden

fresh flowers canning jars tableYou're a good person, and you work hard for your family. So, of course, you deserve the best around your home! Sadly, the best can be awfully expensive, can't it? Well, not to worry. Some of the dreamiest "little luxuries" in life are totally doable on a budget and can make home life all the more satisfying.

Fresh flowers, crazy soft cotton sheets, those pricey but amazing-smelling candles -- today we're celebrating 9 simple, super-satisfying splurges for the home. After all, every household needs at least one guilty delight.

Top image via Amanda Soule

  • 1. Fresh Flowers


    Amanda Blake Soule, otherwise known as SouleMama, says fresh flowers are the big indulgence in her house. "In the spring/summer/fall months, I head outside nearly every morning to gather something to bring inside. And when I'm really lucky, the kids bring me 'bouquets' they find through the day."

  • 2. Art Books


    "I’m a sucker for art books," admits Abbey Hendrickson of the blog Aesthetic Outburst. "Books of any kind, really. I have never regretted buying a book and love to find new bookstores when we’re traveling." Art books are usually great looking and, when stacked, make for simple home decor, too.

  • 3. A Good Candle


    Don't underestimate the power of a refreshing scent. Blair Stocker of the blog Wise Craft says, "The one indulgence we allow ourselves is a good candle. I really do love Mrs. Meyers basil-scented candles ($9.99) these days, and they last a long time, which is nice."

  • 4. Houseplants


    In most any room, a little green can be so pleasing. "Plants," says Rubyellen Bratcher of Cakies. "I have plants everywhere! They bring so much life to a room, but I do make sure to get plants that don't need constant watering. Our lives are already so busy, I tend to forget to water them. I just love all my plants."

  • 5. White Bed Linens


    Veronika Pollard of a few things from my life names "white bed linens" in her list of homey indulgences. It's true. They always look so fresh and clean and feel so mmm.

  • 6. Good Storage


    Everything in its place can feel downright decadent! "Because our house is so small, we’ve 'invested' in some good storage boxes and materials to build storage units," says Benita Larsson of Chez Larsson. "I don’t like mismatched boxes, which tend to make things still look cluttered, so we’ve spent a few bucks on unified white boxes for the living areas and clear plastic boxes for the utility spaces."

  • 7. Candlelit Dinner


    Alicia Alferman of Mayfly understands that it only takes a few extra minutes to make a homecooked meal special. "A white cotton tablecloth, bandannas for napkins, a few cut flowers and sprigs of greenery, and candles in jelly jars. Really it's the candles that make the difference -- and the sun setting right on cue doesn't hurt either." Don't forget -- unscented candles are best at the table so their scent doesn't compete with your delicious meal.

  • 8. Good Bedding


    Mary Beth Eastman of Supafine is all about Egyptian cotton sheets and down blankets and pillows. She says, "I don't care how much I have to scrimp elsewhere. Every night I get into bed and just melt. My husband laughs at me because I literally find myself sleepily saying, 'I love this bed' every night." She's right -- invest in premium linens and you'll enjoy them every single night.

  • 9. Quality Textiles


    "If you are on a budget, I highly recommend learning how to sew," says Rachel Saldaña of Buttons Magee. Since she makes so many items for her home, she's able to treat herself to quality, natural fabrics like dupioni silk, linen, and cotton. "Every six months or so, I will make new pillows and switch up the accessories to keep our tiny house feeling fresh ... Being of nicer quality, they not only make a bigger impact to the design, but they will also be more durable in the long run."

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