That Pumpkin's Doing What?!

  • Avert Your Eyes!


    Pumpkin carving has been thought of as solely a kid-friendly activity for far too long. Why does it always have to be about triangular eyes or ridiculously difficult store-bought patterns? I'm sure the pumpkins would appreciate being made into something with a little adult-humor.

    Well because I know there's a silly, immature teenager in all of us, here are some rated R gourds for your adult Halloween pleasure.

    (Warning: Photos may be offensive to some.)

  • Sexy Witch


    Ooo la la! Girls have a tendency to make any and every profession slutty in costume-form so why stop there?

  • Boooooty-ful!


    There seems to be a full moon out tonight.

  • Tastes like Halloween


    Cannibalism at its finest. Oh wait, or would that be vegetarianism?

  • We have a flasher!


    Hilarious! Though, if you're wanting to replicate any of these, I'd recommend keeping them strictly indoors if I were you, and only during your adults-only Halloween party. Not sure how welcoming a flasher pumpkin would be to trick-or-treaters.