7 Homes That Will Make You Forget They're Teeny Tiny

As a veteran of small space living -- my family and I live in a rather cramped condo in a big city -- I am obsessed with creative use of space. There are many ways to skin a cat they say and there are also many ways to use space. Not everyone needs a McMansion in a suburb to live a good life. They just have to get creative.

Besides, isn't it more fun to live somewhere you design yourself for maximum efficiency? Personally, I like living in a small space, not only because my carbon footprint is much lower, but because it helps me stay on top of my kids and husband. We are never very far apart. Even more, it means we can live in a vibrant, cool, and expensive area where there is always something to do.

As architect Gary Chang who is living in 344 square feet in Hong Kong says: "Small area, but for us small area means efficiency and user-friendliness." Exactly. Here are more amazing spaces you have to see to believe! See the slideshow below:


Image via Casey Serin/Flickr