6 Super Cool Jobs With Shockingly Low Pay

Wouldn't it be nice if every dream job had a dream salary to go along with it? Unfortunately, that's far from the case. So many glamorous-sounding careers pay a pittance. I guess people who have them should count their lucky stars that they're doing something they love. But that isn't exactly going to get them through the recession or pay the bills.

But some of the jobs with the lowest salaries are totally unexpected. Click through the slideshow below and see if you're as bowled over as we were to learn that these careers are so financially thankless.

What other cool jobs can you think of that pay terribly?

Image via ph-stop/Flickr

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jessi... jessicasmom1

Wow I would have never guessed it was this low 

nonmember avatar Shannon

I worked with a teacher who was also an NFL cheerleader. I knew it couldn't pay that much if teaching 4th graders was her day job.

Felly... FellyScarlett

NFL cheerleaders are required to have permanent full time employment before being considered. I don't know about other squads but the Sea Gals (Seattle Seahawks cheerleaders) make an hourly wage, plus they get bonuses for public appearances.

Ari. Ari.

Depending on location and skill level, bartenders and casino dealers can make bank!!!

Bartenders get a higher wage than servers, they get tipped out by the servers, and tipped by customers. Most bartenders do pretty well for themselves.

nonmember avatar Jennifer

I worked as a naturalist doing education and working with animals, mostly training birds. Everyone though it was a cool job. After 13 years and becoming director of a department, I made just under 20,000 a year. Working 30 hours a week as a zoo keeper now, as the most junior person in my department, I make the same amount.

Agent... Agentmomyyc

Flight Attendants have a cool job but not much pay.

nonmember avatar Joe

Trying to figure the math regarding the cheerleaders annual salary. $50 per games with 10 home games per season (including pre-season) would be only $500 per year, correct?

nonmember avatar M

I would add high school drama director to that list. I can't speak for the country as a whole, but in my area it doesn't pay much at all. In a large district, I only make 7k a year for doing a job that requires me to be at work 20+ hours a week normally and around 60 hours on the week of the show. The director at a smaller high school in my area does the job voluntarily. At one of the "richer" high schools nearby, their directors only make around 10k a year.

The job is "super cool" because we're not only getting to use our creativity and put on great shows, but we're sharing our love of the arts with future generations and helping them become productive adults. The job is a blast and every director will tell you they absolutely love it. But we certainly don't do it for the money!

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