6 Super Cool Jobs With Shockingly Low Pay

Wouldn't it be nice if every dream job had a dream salary to go along with it? Unfortunately, that's far from the case. So many glamorous-sounding careers pay a pittance. I guess people who have them should count their lucky stars that they're doing something they love. But that isn't exactly going to get them through the recession or pay the bills.

But some of the jobs with the lowest salaries are totally unexpected. Click through the slideshow below and see if you're as bowled over as we were to learn that these careers are so financially thankless.

What other cool jobs can you think of that pay terribly?

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  • NFL Cheerleader


    Think those pretty girls waving pom-poms are getting paid to look cute? Think again. The average NFL cheerleader gets paid only $50 a game, which adds up to a $5,000 annual salary! Makes you wonder where they get the money for all the implants and dye jobs, doesn't it?


  • Emergency Medical Technician


    This intense and oftentimes dangerous job doesn't get paid nearly as much as you'd think. EMTs make, on average, $20K. I propose a raise for these folks. They save lives, for goodness sake!

  • Casino Dealer


    They may deal with a lot of money on the job, but casino dealers definitely don't make it. On average, casino employees earn $13K a year. They clearly rely on tips.

  • Magazine Editor


    Photo from Devil Wears Prada/imdb

    Remember the movie The Devil Wears Prada? In real life, poor Andy would have only made about $28K. And that's in New York City, where monthly rent for closet-sized apartments costs more than 3-bedroom house mortgages. Outside New York, you're looking at around $19K. That's barely above minimum wage in most states.

    Granted, the salary (slowly) goes up as you climb the masthead ladder, but it's not until you get to about senior editor level that you're making the big (ger) bucks.

  • Bartender


    Sure making fancy cocktails and doing shots with the customers looks like fun, but the money definitely isn't consistent. You can make $100 one night and $20 the next.

    If you're flaming the bottles around while you pour like Tom Cruise in Cocktail, yeah you'll probably land an awesome gig at a top-notch club somewhere and make a good cash flow. As with any job, the better you are, the more you'll get paid. But any job in the service industry is rough because your pay is based on the kindness of your customers.

  • Local Radio DJ


    We all have our favorite local radio station DJs we listen to, but those guys who can make us laugh even before we've had our morning coffee definitely didn't have an easy road down salary lane.

    Starting out, a local radio DJ makes about $18K, give or take a few depending on location.

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