Teeny Snoring Hummingbird Is So Cute You’ll Weep (VIDEO)

hummingbird snoringPlease, please let what you're about to read/view, be the last thing you see on the Internet today, because it is hands down the most adorable thing you will see -- possibly in your life -- and it's nice to leave on a good note, you know?

Now, okay, just so you know, this isn't a video of a cute dancing baby, or a kittens waking up, or a dog and a toddler dozing off together. It's a video of a hummingbird. Yes, a hummingbird. A teeny-tiny hummingbird who is fast a sleep -- and snoring. Have you ever heard teeny-tiny hummingbird snore? You haven't? Well, better get the defibrillator handy 'cause you're about to die.


Can you even handle it? I can't. I literally cannot handle this video -- it is that cute. The amount of time I've spent watching this clip -- and, oddly, sort of tearing up at its unabashed sweetness -- is disgusting. I feel weird about it. And I'll probably be at work until midnight tonight, thanks to this little guy.

I live on the third floor of a super old apartment building in the middle of Brooklyn, so it's rare that I get to enjoy the vocal stylings of hummingbirds and whatnot. Pigeons and cockroaches, yes. But cute little green birdies with super long beaks, no. It sucks. But now I have this. Which might be just as well. 'Cause if this cutie was ever napping on my fire escape, I wouldn't get jack done.

Is this not one of the cutest things you've ever seen in your life?


Image via forrestertr7/YouTube

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