Garden for Your Family’s Health

The following is a post from our sponsor, Burpee Home Gardens.

Gardening has many benefits. Not only is it great exercise and a stress reliever, it can also improve your family’s health. Many of the best sources for antioxidants come from home gardening favorites such as cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce and peppers.

Take advantage of your garden with these tips for healthy eating:

  1. Start your meal with a simple fresh salad and fill up with good stuff!
  2. Use color as a guide to fill your plate. You’ll naturally seek out green and red veggies to balance your meats and starches.
  3. Always cook extra vegetables to keep as leftovers. Even if your time is limited, you can have veggies with every meal.
  4. Just like plants, we need plenty of water. Drink at least one large glass of water before or with ever meal.
  5. Seek out higher nutrition in every bite. Add a slice of tomato or spinach leaves to increase the value of your main dish.

How do you incorporate what you grow into your family’s meals?

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