10 Worries These Adorable Sleepy Kittens Will Make Us Forget (VIDEO)

kittehsIt's been a long, hard week. Know what would make you feel better? You're thinking I'm going to suggest a drink, but surprise! I am not. This time. No, for that warm, fuzzy feeling you've been missing may I suggest KITTEHS. To be more exact, wee sleepy kittens just waking up from a nap, yawning with their big fuzzy heads and cuddling together. Oh the cute!

Once may not be enough. You may need to hit replay over and over again. It's all right -- there are no dangerous side effects to Catzoft™, my new favorite anti-depressant. Go ahead and take as many as you need. And let's watch all your worries disappear.


Awww, now doesn't that feel good? Again! Again! Here are 10 things these kittens are making me forget all about:

1. Rising gas prices. Not only that, rising gas prices that keep rising while you talk about how they're rising. Stop rising, gas prices! Stop!

2. When you drop your condom in public. Ooh, I hate it when that happens!

3. Having a two-year-old. 'Nuff said. (Hey, PUT THAT DOWN RIGHT NOW!)

4. Cutting off Adele. Why would you do that?!? Monsters.

5. Being stalked by Google. They know too much!

6. Animal rights hitman. Someone's priorities are a little out of whack, wouldn't you say?

7. Lame home organizing tips that don't work.

8. Horrible ex-boyfriends. This one takes the cake, but I'm sure there's worse out there.

9. A new "song" by Paris Hilton. We really needed this?

10. Lent. Giving up (fill in the blank).

Oh man, your read my dreadful list full of worrisome worries and now you're all depressed! Better go back and watch that video again. And again. And again.

What worrisome worries would you like to forget this week?


Image via AishaAmazing/YouTube

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