Adele Song Makes This Adorable French Bulldog Cry (VIDEO)

OMG. Anyone out there who thinks that pets don't have the potential to experience emotions and be affected by things the way humans are obviously hasn't seen this video. An adorable little French bulldog is so incredibly sad while listening to an Adele song that he actually cries!

It's not clear why exactly the poor pup is so upset, but it almost seems like he is really feeling the weight of "Someone Like You," which is definitely one of Adele's heavier tunes.


Take a look at the clip below and check out this super cute pooch as he hangs his head and whimpers to the music. Isn't he the sweetest thing you've ever seen? I swear I just want to reach into the video and pick him up to console him.

Guess you can't blame this little guy for getting a bit weepy over Adele. Her songs tend to do that to the majority of people I know. (C'mon, admit it: You've gotten teary-eyed over her stuff before too).

Maybe the pup didn't realize he was staring at his own reflection in the mirror and thought there was another dog there he couldn't quite get to? That would explain why he keeps staring in that general direction. I've seen dogs bark at themselves in the mirror before, so this would be kind of the same concept.

Then again, maybe he was just having an incredibly down day. It's not easy being blue (and a dog), is it?

Do your pets ever get emotional over things like music?


Image via TheRoccoChannel/YouTube

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