Dare to Dream of the World's Most Expensive Bed Sheets

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One of my favorite things in the whole world is climbing into a bed made up with freshly cleaned and pressed sheets. So today, I thought it might be fun to take a sneak peek at how the "other half" lives -- or at least how they sleep.

Here are 4 luxury bed linen lines that most of us will never have a chance to experience -- but hey, at least we can dream about them!

Charlotte Thomas is well known for posh linens, but their "Bespoke" line takes things up a notch by weaving in actual 22k gold thread into the individually made, thousand-count Egyptian cotton sheets. Production can take up to 12 weeks and the price point is somewhere around $2,400. 

D. Porthault has been purveying luxury linens for most of the last century to a clientele that has included Jackie Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn, and Sarah Jessica Parker. Expect to spend in the neighborhood of $1,400 for a queen set. 

You will likely find Frette sheets gracing beds in five-star hotels throughout the world. Be prepared to spend $1,200 if you want this kind of luxury in your own room. Pocket change!

The "Milos" line from Sferra boasts 100 percent Egyptian cotton sateen with a 1020 thread count. I'm not sure exactly what that feels like, but I imagine it's somewhere close to heavenly. For only $1,600 you can experience these linens for yourself.

Wishing you had deeper pockets? Here's a little bonus to make us feel better. This set from Amazon features multiple four-star reviews, 100 percent Egyptian cotton, and 1200 thread count all for $70.94.

Tell me, what's the most you'd ever pay for high-end bedding? Know of any resources for high-quality, low-price bedding that you swear by?


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Kritika Kritika

If you stalk the bedding isle at Home Goods you can find some great sheets.

nonmember avatar Mary

The SFERRA 1020 thread count sheets are the most amazing sheets ever! Soft, sleek, almost silky--it's a real, pure luxury. There's no mistaking their quality: from the thinness of the yarns they use to the way they weave it to how it's "finished", there is literally no comparison out there for sheets and bedding with this high a thread count. I work in the bedding industry, so I know! Those Amazon 1,000 thread count sheets will feel like cardboard. The old adage is true: you get what you pay for. And if you have the dosh, why not spring for it--you spend 1/3 of your life in bed!

libby261 libby261

I would LOVE to find oversized sheets for my kingsized bed.  I am an edge of the bed sleeper and like to have the sheet overhang.  Most kingsized sheets only overhang maybe 7 inches (if you're lucky).  Then when you wash them, they shrink!! Even in cold water and low dryer temps!!  I would love to have a sheet that overhanges AT LEAST 12-18" so when I am in bed, the sheet will actually cover me and overhang down the side of mattress another foot at least.

Tx2Step Tx2Step

I love beautiful nice soft sheets!  I am going to save some money and buy us at least one set of really nice comfy sheets!  I just love looking at these pictures. 

Simpl... SimplyCathi

We have a friend who paid $1,500 for a set of sheets just to see how they felt. She never did tell her husband. LOL

jessi... jessicasmom1

uh forget about it .. I would not spend alot on bed sheets 

MrsCh... MrsChurch

Ugh, I love it. I want those Charlotte Thomas sheets! I just laundered our bedding yesterday. It feels so heavenly getting in bed with fresh clean sheets (which is why I wash them all the time)!

suziejax suziejax

I want them!

Allen Matthews

Nice sheets ARE SO WORTH IT!!! I went through a phase trying different sheets a couple of years ago, and we ended up finding the best sheets at Thomas Lee,( http://www.thomasleeltd.com/ ). As we can all agree, thread count isnt everything. I think the weave makes a huge difference, my favorite is percale.

But really, no matter how nice of sheets you buy I think care is most important. Fabric softener totally destroys sheets, as does too hot of drying.

kisse... kisses5050

expensive shhhhheeeeeeets !!!! ahhhhh yes... so worth it. shoes- hand bags I can live without but I do splurge on the sheets.... and wash them in special soap  hang them dry... and press them..

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