You Won’t Believe Who Bought New York’s Most Expensive Apartment

Ekaterina Rybolovleva is the daughter of a Russian billionaire, and to say that she is living in the lap of luxury is the understatement of the century. Because she is about to move into an $88 million apartment in New York City that her Daddy bought for her. Yes, you heard me right. The purchase price on the super-posh digs was $88 million, the most expensive apartment in town. Not too shabby for a single gal in the city, right?

Let me be more specific. Not too shabby for a single 22-year-old gal in the city, right?


Yes, you read that correctly. Ekaterina is a mere 22 years old.

Her fancy new pad sure beats the living conditions of most people her age. I mean, do you remember where you lived when you were in your early 20s? Odds are good that you do, and chances are that your then-apartment wasn't exactly palatial. That is, of course, unless you were still shacking up with your parents at the time. But we won't even go there.

So just what does a cool $88 million get you in Manhattan? Well, for starters, the home overlooks Central Park and is a wee bit larger than most residences in the Big Apple. It boasts a whopping 6,744 square feet, and also comes complete with 2,000 square feet of outdoor space in the form of a wrap-around terrace so that its inhabitants can take in all the sights and sounds of the city. Good grief! There are plenty of people who are much older than Ekaterina who don't have that much room inside their homes, let alone outside.

The apartment also has 10 rooms and seven walk-in closets, which honestly any girl would appreciate regardless of her age. Can you imagine having that much storage space, and also having the bank account necessary to fill those closets with designer duds? Must be nice.

Perhaps the most amazing part of this whole real estate purchase isn't simply the fact that it cost $88 million. After shelling out all that dough, Ekaterina isn't even going to live there full time. Nope. It's just her pad to stay in while she's in school in the States.

Huh. Well, it beats a 10 x 10 dorm room with cinder block walls, that's for sure.

Even if you had unlimited funds, would you pay $88 million for a home?


Image via Mike_fleming/Flickr

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