French Bulldog That Adopted Wild Boar Piglets Is a True 'Uber-Mom'

OMG. How completely and totally adorable is it when animals "adopt" babies that aren't their own? It's just so cute to hear about pets playing "mama" to baby animals that wouldn't otherwise have someone to care for them. One French bulldog in Germany took the adoption thing to a whole new level, however, by mothering six wild-boar piglets!

The poor little orphaned pigs were only three days old when they were brought in to see Baby the bulldog, and she immediately started nurturing them and keeping them warm since they were freezing from having been found in the woods.

One worker at the animal shelter where she lives described her as an "uber-mom." How sweet is that?


Baby really does have the whole "uber-mom" thing down, and it's a title she's very deserving of. At only 8 years old, she's had more than her fair share of parenting experience. You see, the little boars weren't the first "kids" Baby has adopted: She's served as a mother to raccoons and cats too. She certainly has quite a bit of love to give!

Stories like this just give the whole "mama bear" thing more validity. I can't tell you how many times I've seen a baby crying out in public and have had the instinct to run over and cuddle the tot. Just because you didn't give birth to a baby doesn't mean you don't have an innate desire to protect her, right? And even though animals can't talk and express themselves the way people can, it's obvious they have nurturing instincts too. Baby is the perfect example.

Have you ever seen an animal that adopted a baby outside its species?


Image via edans/Flickr

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