Visit the Hotel Where Whitney Houston Died on Celebrity Home Tour

Beverly HiltonHave you ever taken one of those celebrity home tours in Los Angeles? They're kind of a dime a dozen out there. From guided bus tours to those that just give you a map and let you hunt down A-listers' pads on your own, there's just no shortage of ways to scout out the places famous folks call home.

Celebrity houses are definitely fun to see for their size and lavishness if nothing else. But would you ever want to visit a location where a famous person had died? One tour company in L.A. seems to think people will be interested. "Bikes and Hikes" is already trying to cash in on Whitney Houston's death by adding the Beverly Hilton, the hotel where she died, to their list of noteworthy stops.


The tour company seems to think that fans will enjoy stopping by the hotel simply because it will give them a chance to pay their respects and mourn the loss of Whitney. And honestly, they probably hit the nail right on the head. People will totally be flocking to the hotel from now on for that very reason.

Odds are good that the Beverly Hilton is already making its mark as another "must-see" location for many people visiting L.A., so seeing it listed as a stop on the bike tour will likely draw in even more business. They'd be kind of stupid not to try and capitalize on the fact that people want to do anything they can to feel some sort of connection to Whitney.

Of course, some may think that seeing where Whitney died would be a bit morbid. But then again, plenty of celebrity death sites have been attracting tourists for years. Just take a look at Graceland, for example. Aside from drawing millions of visitors from around the world all during the year, there is even an annual "Elvis week," which commemorates the anniversary of his death by letting fans visit the beloved home where he took his last breath. I've been to Graceland several times, and the mood is far from somber -- it's one big celebration of the life of someone who left a huge mark on the music world. And a lot of Whitney fans will likely feel the same way about the Beverly Hilton.

People can be pretty passionate about musicians they feel have impacted their lives in one way or another, and the bottom line is that Whitney Houston touched a lot of people. The Bikes and Hikes tour company is smart to give devoted fans what they want most -- the chance to say a proper goodbye.

Would you want to visit the Beverly Hilton if you were traveling to L.A.?


Image via stevendamron/Flickr

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