Are Home Owners Sexier Than Renters?

Does owning a home make you more attractive and date-worthy than renting? Believe it or not, a new survey conducted by a real estate company suggests that men and women are more attracted to members of the opposite sex who pay their mortgage each month. Huh. I wonder why that is?

My guess is that the reasoning behind it differs a bit for men and women. Considering that more than a third of the women who took the survey said they would much rather be with a home owner than with a renter, odds are good the gals see home ownership as a signal that a guy isn't afraid to commit. In contrast, only 18 percent of men said they prefer a woman with her own digs as opposed to someone who is still writing rent checks each month. I guess men are preoccupied with things other than relationship longevity when they first start seeing somebody.


While it is likely that men and women associate home ownership with attractiveness for different reasons, one thing that they definitely do see eye-to-eye on is what sort of housing makes a person unattractive. At the top of the list? Adults who have roommates or still live with their parents. Shocker.

The most interesting part of the survey had to be where participants were asked which rooms in the house turned them on the most. Not surprisingly, areas that got both men and women a little worked up were walk-in closets, fancy kitchens, and master bathrooms. Can you blame them? Those particular rooms get us married folks a little excited too. Except our satisfaction from those areas of the house stem from an entirely different philosophy.

Bathrooms and closets tend to be great places to sneak in a little bit of alone time away from the kids. And no, I'm not talking about going in there to do the hanky-panky with your spouse. (Who has time for that during the day anyway?) I'm referring to those times when moms and dads just need a good five or six minutes of serenity in a dark place before the kids barge in and assume that an impromptu game of hide-and-seek is going on. And as for getting turned on in the kitchen? Well, anyplace that contains food and wine within an arm's reach is pretty sexy, right?

Of course, it would be good to know exactly where in the country the people who were surveyed happen to call home. Because they have to hail from the suburbs, right? Cities like New York are overflowing with sexy singles -- and the majority of people living there are renters. But renting doesn't seem to deter city dwellers from hooking up at all. Is it possible that this survey is just a teensy bit biased?

If home owners are really considered more date-able than renters, that would mean people living in the boonies of Connecticut are more likely to score hot dates than those in the Big Apple. And somehow I'm just not buying it.

Would you refuse to date someone who didn't own a house?

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