Tiny Puppy Rescued From Drain Will Make Your Heart Burst on Valentine’s Day (VIDEO)

puppy rescued from drainDo you feel at all sad today? Are you bummed out that tomorrow's Valentine's Day? Or simply have a case of the Monday blues? Well, I have something for you. A gift. 'Cause I like you and think you look cute in that shirt you're wearing. Here is something that will make your heart do things it hasn't done in years, decades. Here is a video of a teeny-tiny puppy being rescued out of a drain. I love you.


Blaah! That face! Those ears! The lengths people went to to save the little guy. I'm dying. No, I'm already dead. Someone, revive me quick, so I can watch this video again! It's amazzzzzzing!

There isn't a single thing that my husband or Cupid or Jesus can do tomorrow that will make my heart swell as much as this video does. I don't care if it's Valentine's Day and any or all of these men go out and buy me one of those jumbo cards and the best Whitman's Sampler Walgreens carries. I don't even care if they make me a mix tape. This video is all I need. This video and my own dog who isn't stuck in a drain. And who will never will be. Because he's too big, you guys, he's too big.

Be honest: Will you see something cuter than this video today? If yes, please share. Thanks.


Image via michiganhumane/YouTube

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