Discount Codes on Flowers Will Help You Save Big on Valentine's Day

bouquet flowersPlanning to send flowers for Valentine's Day? We all know how happy it makes people to receive a gorgeous, fragrant bouquet of flowers any time of the year, but especially on Valentine's Day! Good for you, wanting to light up someone's day like that. You deserve some discount codes, right?

Right! And it's time to get cracking looking for those discounts. Don't worry, we have a big, beautiful bouquet full of discount codes on flower delivery for you right here. Just pick your favorites. 


Flower Shop Deals is basically the Expedia of bouquets. Compare prices from different companies. LOADS of discount codes on Valentine's bouquets here.

DailyFlowerDiscounts is another website that compiles discount codes for flowers. And they're blossoming with deals right now. 

ProFlowers is running a sale that ends at midnight TONIGHT (Friday); for 15 percent off, enter DOUGH at the checkout. 

But that's not your only option at ProFlowers: Check out their coupons page, too -- discounts up to 50 percent.

CouponWinner will make you a Valentine's winner with their discount codes for several different flower companies.

Right now there are 5 coupons for KaBloom up to 22 percent off at Ultimate Coupon.

RetailMeNot has compiled discount codes for 1-800Flowers with an average savings of $8. Or check out CouponCabin's discount codes for 1-800Flowers

Teleflora has a "deal of the day" and are running a special, 10 percent off everything. Check out their Valentine's specials, too.

You want chocolates with those flowers? Check out, which compiles discounts for both flowers and chocolates and other sweet treats.

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Are you planning to send flowers this Valentine's Day?


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