Puppies Watching the Puppy Bowl Are the Cutest Thing You’ll See Today (VIDEOS)

puppy bowlWhile most of America watched the Super Bowl last night, I was watching another big game: The Puppy Bowl. Yay! Shameless, cuddly cuteness sans any violence!

My husband (who couldn't care less about football), shih tzu, and I hunkered down with some pizza, beer, and Bully sticks for the annual event. It was a nail-biter this year with some really strong rookies -- seriously, if you missed it, it was an epic game. But the best part of all was watching my dog watch the game. I mean, is there anything cuter than watching your pet watch animals on TV? Answer: No, there's not. So, let's check out a couple videos of doggies watching doggies during at last night's Puppy Bowl. 'Cause we can. And 'cause we should.


Here's Enzo. Please don't disturb him while he's watching the game. Unless of course, it's to bring him some chicken wings. Or steak. Or socks. Whatever.

Oliver gets really into the game when he's watching. And I guess you would too if you had $5,000 on the line. That's a lot of cookies.

Oof, it's a close game and Koda's getting heated. Your best bet is to just steer clear. You don't want to see what happens when he gets really pissed.

There are more adorable puppy videos -- and a heart-breakingly cute video of a kitten watching the kitten halftime show -- over on Sports Grid, but I'm just going to leave you with these. I don't want your heart spontaneously combusting on my watch. Also, I'd be remiss if I didn't share this photo with you before we bid adieu:

exceptionally cute shih tzu

It's my pup watching the Westminster Dog Show last year. I didn't get any photos of him watching the Bowl this year -- mainly because my phone was across the room and I didn't want to break his trance -- so this is all I got. Drink it in.

Does your pet ever watch TV?


Image via oliveranddabbymom/YouTube

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