The Perfect Way to Bribe Your Man to Clean After the Super Bowl

Regardless of which two teams are playing in the Super Bowl (it's the Patriots and Giants, right?), men definitely see the big game as a good excuse to pig out on delicious snacks, throw back a beer or five, and hang out with their buddies for a nice little male-bonding session. The game is basically a hall pass to enjoy a few hours of mindless entertainment, which members of both sexes definitely need from time to time.

Of course, the aftermath of a bunch of guys hanging out together watching football for an entire evening typically results in potato chips ground into the carpet and empty beer cans stacked on the coffee table, making your living room look and smell like a frat house the next morning.

Odds are good that you'll be the one cleaning up after the hog fest, but you may be able to bribe your man into at least helping you vacuum and dust with the promise of letting him buy a new toy.


What could get him to do the housework so readily, you ask? Why, a big-screen TV, of course.

While your guy may be tempted to run out and get a new one right before the Super Bowl, prices will be much lower the day after the football event of the year is over. Retailers aren't as dumb as we think. Shocker.

If you go ahead and let him in on this little secret now, it will be a cinch to work something into the conversation about how you'd love for him to have a brand new TV to watch the game on in 2013. And be sure to point out that you can get down to the electronics store a lot faster on Monday if he gets a head start on straightening up the house Sunday night.

If you're really lucky, he may even pay closer attention to crumbs and spills during the game as he stares at his dated, way-too-small television set. A little bribery never hurt anyone, right?


Image via LGEPR/Flickr

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