Gisele Bundchen Can Hide From Her Words in New Mega-Mansion

Sigh. When is Gisele Bundchen going to learn that she really needs to think long and hard about her choice of words before opening her (big) mouth?

The supermodel has never been shy about voicing her strong opinions on parenting, which have gotten her into trouble on more than one occasion. From insisting she had a painless childbirth to proclaiming that breastfeeding needs to be a law, Tom Brady's other half seems to spit out whatever happens to be in the front of her brain at any given moment.

Now, she has people all fired up again -- but this time, it's not because of another desperate attempt to be mom of the year. The latest furor is over her claim that the 22,000-square-foot mega-mansion she and Brady are building is actually environmentally friendly (yes, I said 22,000 square feet). She may find herself hiding from attacks on her words in the labyrinth of rooms rather than actually getting to enjoy all that luxury. Bummer.


Gisele suggested that her new home is being built as "greenly" as possible, but not surprisingly, environmentalists are skeptical.

Critics of Bundchen-Brady mega-mansion say the sprawling structure -- which has eight bedrooms, an elevator, a pool, a spa, and a six-car garage -- will emit excessive amounts of carbon monoxide due to its insanely large size. Whether or not their predictions of the home's carbon footprint are true, the most recent Gisele controversy is turning into another instance where she probably wishes she'd just kept her mouth shut. Seriously, can this woman say anything without everyone questioning her motives?

Because of her strong opinions in the past, people are quick to jump all over whatever she says, regardless of her intentions. It sounds like some aren't even willing to consider that the house may actually be as eco-friendly as it can be given the fact that it's the size of a Walmart. It's hard to imagine what on earth anyone would do with 22,000 square feet of living space, but then again, that's kind of a standard home size for A-list celebrities.

The house is no doubt a great place for Gisele and Tom to escape from the public eye (and Gisele to take refuge when her comments come back to haunt her), but it's impossible not to wonder just what they'll use all those extra bedrooms for when they don't have out-of-town guests visiting. I guess they could each have their own separate quarters (maybe Tom snores)? Or perhaps they have more babies on the brain?

The good news is if they start filling up their castle with more little Brady-Bundchens, whatever new wacky musings Gisele decides to make public about being pregnant will take the focus off whether or not her mansion is even the slightest bit nice to the environment. See? There's a silver lining to everything.

Do you think a house as large as Gisele's could possibly be green?


Image via Bob Bekian/Flickr

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