Would You Trust Diane Keaton to Decorate Your Home?

Diane Keaton Bedding

I was looking for sheets at Bed, Bath and Beyonce when I came across a line of home decor products called K by Keaton, designed by Oscar-winning actress Diane Keaton. How did I not hear of this before? Everyone talks about Paltrow and Remodelista and Courteney Cox. When it comes to style, I thought I might be more partial to the real-girl glamour of Ms Keaton. So I took a look.

Keaton was a style icon in the '70s, her Annie Hall days: adorable, boyish, casual, chic. Unfortch, she spawned a generation of women who thought throwing a floppy hat on over a horrible outfit = style. And her own choices were often less than perfect -- see her infamous Oscar outfit. Blech.
So is she great or horrible? She’s both! Just last year she appeared simultaneously in a Vogue article (photographed by Annie Leibovitz!) and ads for that apex of sparkly-granny non-style, Chico’s. Great! Horrible!
So what’s the verdict? Great? Horrible? Annie Hall ... or Mama’s Boy?


I give the collection a thumbs up. The designs are simple and solid, like stew for your living room. Nothing sparkly, nothing Chico-y.
Diane Keaton DinnerwareFor instance, there’s this very simple, understated dinnerware (12-piece Dinnerware Set, $59.99). About it, she says, “Here’s to honest food, simple times, and handsome dishes.”

Diane Keaton Salad Plate

These come in basic but really pleasing colors and can be mixed and matched with the accent plates ($24.99 for a set of four), like Fiestaware.

Diane Keaton Soup Bowl
For me, the mark of good dinnerware is the soup bowls. Are they hefty? Will they hold a lot? Will they also let the soup cool off while I’m eating it? I’m very picky about my soup bowls. Voila, the perfect size and shape: round, yet with edges, and BIG ($6.99):

Diane Keaton Dessert Plates 
These dessert plates ($4.99) are cute, but would I spring for them? Probably not. When it comes to dessert plates, I do like them to be a little crazy. And everyone in my house would fight over the one that says “Bite.”

Diane Keaton Bedding

But look, look, how great is this bedding collection ($40-$230)? The duvet covers, in simple cotton and linen, invoke the ease and comfort of old barns, with old-timey stripes or zig-zags lending a classic touch. The contrasting throws are 100 percent wool ... yum. “Who says blankets have to be plain? When did that happen?” Keaton says. (Oh my God, is Nora Ephron writing her marketing copy?) She invokes “great American plaids and stripes and symbols from our collective past,” and I’m on board. Why not!

I mean, the prices aren’t great, but, hey, it’s a designer collection. And we all have a drawer full of those 20 percent off coupons, right?
How do you like the K by Keaton collection? Whose designer collection would you like to see?

All images from Bed Bath and Beyond

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