6 New Dog Breeds Enter Westminster Show: Which Ones Make Great Pets?

american english coonhound
American English Coonhound
There's a new dog in town! Actually, make that SIX. Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show (kind of the Miss America for dogs) has introduced six new dog breeds into this year's competition. These breeds have actually been around for ages, but this is the first time they'll be allowed to compete in the big-league competition, which runs February 13-14.

And what a bunch -- this has to be the most diverse group of pooches ever thrown together. Keep reading to meet this motley crew of cuties.


These new breeds come from all over the world -- and one of them comes with a funky surprise on its paws.

American English Coonhound (pictured above the jump): You can tell just by looking at this pooch that he was bred for hunting. But I think his stately hound head on top of that skinny, spotted body has kind of a comical look. Actually, the dog show community describes this type of spotting "ticking." This one gets along well with people and with other dogs.

cesky terrier

Cesky Terrier: This is a cross between a Sealyham Terrier and a Scottish Terrier. The Cesky's body is longer than it is tall, and it comes in shades of gray. When given the traditional haircut, it looks like an old bearded man wearing Uggs (that's my opinion, not the official Westminster word!). I like that this breed is loyal to owners but reserved around strangers. None of that embarrassing jumping on terrified children.


Entelbucher Mountain Dog: This breed from Switzerland is a sporty-looking guy. They're hard-workers and are known to have especially intense bonds with their owners. This sounds great but actually the Entlebucher is kind of high-maintenance. Westminster does not recommend it for the "casual owner" because it requires "thorough socialization."

finnish lapphund

Finnish Lapphund: This one is my favorite. The Lapphund was originally bred for herd reindeer. I love the long fur, the markings around the mouth and feet, and that spiky tail. They're also known to be smart and devoted to their families.

norwegian lundehund

Norwegian Lundehund: This one's also known as the Puffin Dog, and it has six toes on each paw! (Most dogs have four.) These dogs used to hunt Puffins, but now that the birds are protected, the dogs serve as cute companions.


Xoloitzcuintli: AKA the Mexican hairless dog, it comes in three sizes. These dogs were considered sacred to Aztecs and now are the national dog of Mexico. These dogs are smart and make great pets.

Which new breed is your favorite?

Images via Westminster Kennel Club

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