Kelly Bensimon's $12 Million Home Is Super Dirty Real Estate Porn (PHOTOS)

kelly bensimon east hampton home

Think what you want of former Real Housewives of New York star Kelly Bensimon, but the woman has good taste. Remember when we took you through a tour of her to-die-for New York City pad? Well, feast your eyes upon her 5,800-square-foot Hamptons mansion, which incidentally, could be yours ... if you happen to have an extra $12 million lying around.

Yes, Kelly is up and moving out of her East Hampton estate. Why? Who knows. Doubt it has anything to do with her getting fired from RHONY as A) she owned the house before she was on the show, and B) Housewives don't make that kind of money. But who cares? Thanks to Kelly's decision to put her home on the market, we get to soak up some hot, steamy, unadulterated real estate porn ... Mmmm ... I hope you're alone.


Here are the facts: The house has five bedrooms, a heated pool, a pond, a brand new stainless steel kitchen, and is set on 1.2 acres. Alright, enough with the talking. Let's get down to action:

kelly bensimon east hampton home swimming pool

Oh yeah, look at that pool ... and that yard ... give it to me.

kelly bensimon living room red couch

My, my, Kelly, your living room is so ... big.

kelly bensimon kitchen colorful chairs

That kitchen. Okay, I see what you're trying to do, but you may want to make a few minor decorating changes here. Overall, though? Hot.

kelly bensimon home bedroom

Your bedroom -- it's is so airy and spacious. You know just how I like it, Kelly.

All of the photos of Kelly's house are hot, but I'll stop here. I don't want to get to get you too excited. I will say, though, for as much as I love this place -- seriously love -- does $12 million seem a little steep? I mean, I don't know, I'm not a real estate agent, but 12 for five bedrooms seems kinda high to me.

Knock it down to $10 million and we'll talk, Kelly. It'll take a lot to get me out of my one-bedroom Brooklyn walk-up, but for the right price, you just might have yourself a deal.

How amazing is this house? Is $12 million too high?


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