Postal Worker Caught Throwing Box Over Fence Makes Sending Packages Even Scarier (VIDEO)

postal carrier throwing clockRemember the incredibly rude FedEx worker caught on video throwing a brand new computer monitor over a gate and taking off? Yeah, you and most of America. But somehow a United States Postal Service mail carrier in North Hollywood must have missed it. Because he just did the same thing -- albeit with a box carrying an antique cuckoo clock -- and he too was caught on video.

Quick! Get this man an Internet connection, stat! Not only did he miss the FedEx debacle, but apparently he isn't up to date on the upcoming postage rate hike (it's this weekend folks) or the post office closings that have folks in small towns across the nation in a tizzy or the threat of the end Saturday delivery? Or did this mail carrier want to give us yet another reason to avoid the post office at all costs? You be the judge:


Careless Mail Carrier Caught on Camera:


If that made you cringe, imagine being Michael Oreb, watching it all go down on the security camera he'd just installed because the Hollywood arsonist had been targeting homes in his neck of the woods! I'd be setting up a direct line to UPS right about now if I were him.

I'll cop to a little bias here because I adore my UPS man. He's the only deliveryperson my 6-year-old is allowed to automatically open the door to -- regardless of where I am in the house -- because I trust him implicitly. But a company -- or US government entity in this case -- can only make so many mistakes before people lose their trust in them entirely. It helps a wee bit that the USPS has issued a swift apology:

The U.S. Postal Service was dismayed to see the video of one of our employee throwing a parcel over a fence. That does not represent the kind of service we strive to provide our customers. This matter is currently being investigated to determine the appropriate actions to be taken with regards to the employee and our customer.

But seeing this guy's ultimate laziness in chucking the clock package over the fence presents so many questions. Did the USPS share that FedEx story as a "we can do better than this"? Do they make their employees know how much is at stake right now for them? Have things gotten so bad there that we can't even trust them to do their basic jobs -- like delivering packages?

Workers like this postal carrier, that FedEx guy, in any business really, need to remember that their actions aren't their own; they reflect on the company they're working for. And right now, the image of the USPS is not one they want to see in the mirror.

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