Awesome Dogs Barking Darth Vader's Theme Will Make Your Pets Howl (VIDEO)

ewok dogVolkswagen has just created the best Star Wars dogs commercial ever. Actually, I think they've created the only Star Wars dogs commercial, ever. But whatever, this video is hilars. They all bark Darth Vader's theme, and what this all has to do with cars is completely lost to me. Of course that hasn't stopped me from watching it over and over again and posting it to pretty much every social media outlet I can get my little paws on.

If you look closely, you'll notice that the dogs are playing different Star Wars characters -- check out Darth Vader looking all big and tough. You'll also see Princess Leia with the side buns and this sweet Ewok is so cute! And is that a whippet playing an AT-AT Walker? Check it out after the jump -- and find out why the commercial has ruffled feathers among some pet owners.


Okay, so maybe I should have mentioned this before I posted that video -- it's Safe For Work, but definitely Not Safe For Pets. Dog owners, watch this out of your pet's hearing or they'll totally lose it. Cat lovers, hide your feline friends. The consensus on this video throughout the Internets is: LOVE! But the pets themselves? Not so much.

My cats were not amused

I cannot even watch this because my dog is going batsh*t

No doubt this would also get the beta fishes fighting with each other again. So hide the animals before you hit play. And may the force be with you. And your pets.

Another commenter pointed out a casting flaw, or at least a missed opportunity: "That Wookie should be at teacup Yorkie." Really? Yes, really. Check out this mug and  this mug. And this:

yorkie wookieLOOK AT THAT FACE! By George Lucas, she's right! Obviously, in some weird, cosmic way, Wookies and Yorkies are related. This explains so much about how the universe works.




Would this video make your pets crazy? And who do you think should play Chewbacca?


Images via Volkswagen/YouTube, Machine is Organic/Flickr, Official Star Wars Blog/Flickr

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