Hiring Strangers to Do Your Dirty Work Is Newest Trend

taskrabbitIf you're super lazy or super busy, there's a new company out there that promises to make your life easier. It's called TaskRabbit and it's basically a personal assistant service but with way less status. So if you're too swamped to head to the grocery store or whatever, all you have to do is create a job ticket online and a TaskRabbit employee will handle whatever is on your to-do list.

It sounds a little too good to be true -- a "friendly neighbor" from TaskRabbit is going to do all my crappy chores for me at a fair price? Come on. What's the catch? 


The only issue I see with TaskRabbit is that it may be a little redundant. Here in New York and in other big cities, we can have almost everything delivered. From our dry cleaning to groceries to pet supplies to books, DVDs, and dresses, there's really nothing we can't get delivered to our door the same day.

But, whatever. I'm sure their personal touch and helpful hand could really benefit moms with packed planners. In fact, I could use their help, too, come to think of it. I may not be forever busy, but I'm certainly forever lazy.

I wonder if TaskRabbit could come to my apartment in the morning and literally pull me out of bed. Maybe throw an old U2 CD on the stereo and really get me amped about getting up in the a.m. If they'd be my morning cheerleader ... I'd give them $18.

I wouldn't mind seeing my little helper bunnies midday, either. I'd give them $10 to stand in line with me at my go-to lunch spot and shame me into ordering something healthy. If they could put on a redneck accent and smell of skunk beer while whispering derogatory words into my ear, I'd bump it up to $15.

And then after work, I really hate when my favorite nook at my favorite bar is occupied. Maybe a little TaskRabbit could get there early and save my friends and me our preferred table? I'd shell out $20 and a free drink for that VIP service.

At night, I'd love for a Rabbiter to play Words With Friends with me, and let me win. Then in the morning, we could start all over again with the physical U2 wake-up dance party. Maybe this company isn't too good to be true, after all.

Would you consider using TaskRabbit for real and/or imaginary purposes?


Photo via taskrabbit.com

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