'I Cloned My Pet' Is TLC's Craziest Show Idea to Date


i cloned my petTLC is really hitting it out of the park these days. I guess the void in their programming left by the cancellation of Kate Plus 8 really opened things up for creative show ideas. There was the Virgin Diaries that aired a few weeks ago, and tonight, TLC will debut a special entitled ... wait for it ... I Cloned My Pet. Following pet lovers who just weren't able to say goodbye and who have a lot of cash to burn, the show focuses on individuals who've taken pet adoration to the next level: Cloning.

It doesn't take a degree in psychology to realize that these people need help.

I understand what it means to have a pet you're totally in love with. I loved two pets that were near and dear to me, but I accepted death as a part of life and have moved on. Cloning, if you ask me, is an unnatural, science-fictiony plot against the natural order of things, and no living, breathing being should be cloned for fun.

Because, let's be honest, people aren't cloning their pets here in the name of research; they're cloning their pets because they're selfish and probably a little bit unhinged. After watching the clip, arm chair psychiatry will tell you that this woman secretly always wanted children and her obsession with her pet is a manifestation of that burning, unfulfilled desire.

You know how in Hoarders, they bring in specialists to get at the root of the problem that's causing people to live in utter filth? I kind of hope that's what I Cloned My Pet will offer, too: Some insight into the reasons one might feel compelled to "resurrect" the dead. I have a feeling the show won't touch on that, though, seeing as the title is in the past tense.

This is going to be one heck of a wild ride.

Will you watch the show?


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MegTh... MegTheGem

Nope. Only the physical characteristics can ble cloned, not the personality. I would laugh my butt off to hear that the cloned pet didn't care for the owner. And really, what a serious waste of money; these people could donate to animal charities instead of cloning their pet. Crazy is crazy no matter the spin.

Melis... Melissa042807

Please don't tell my in-laws about this concept. Because I really think they might do it! Except they had their late pet cremated. So maybe then it's not possible...

GlowW... GlowWorm889

I'm just wondering....are there really so many people out there cloning their dead pets that TLC can create a show about it?!

lindy... lindylouwho

Just watched it.  Every one of those people should be committed.  

nonmember avatar l reid

this is discusting. you all should be ashamed. if you really love dogs like you claim you do. YOU WOULD NEVER NEVER put a dog through what the mother dogs have to go through to carry these puupies. did you see the tiny cages. the poor dogs are kept there, they have surgeries, incemiations and all kinds of drugs - forced upon them for no reason at all. what do you think these dogs go through being used for medial experimentation and what happens to the mother dogs when they have c-sections and cant carry any more puppies. do any of you care, do any of you offer to care for the mother dog or make sure she has a life outside of medical experimenting. SHAME SHAME on anyone who does this. if only 1 in 5 coem to a live birth - thik of all the dogs being forced inceminated and all the painful births they go through. SICK SICK SELFISH people.

nonmember avatar crossroads

This is awful. It's bad enough that these so called animal lovers think a dog being brought back in a sense is the same as the dog they once had, but isn't anyone else seeing what I see? How about that mother dog. They sliced her open and pulled out puppies! some dead. Big rush! The mother didn't even give birth, they wanted those puppies Out! What about that poor mother dog they used for this clone. Where is she now? I bet she was killed. I would have loved to have adopted her. That poor dog was used for sick selfish reasons. This is absolutely man at his worst. Animal abuse going on right in front of all of us. Who will stop this carnage? I'm sick over this. Is there a way to find out where the mom dog is today? People need to boycott this sickening show and stand up for animal rights!!!!!

nonmember avatar Patrice

I'm disgusted at the disregard for the mother dogs life in this! How sad that a reputable network like TLC will promote this type of mistreatment and animal suffering! Awful! Every true dog lover needs to step up and make their voice heard. We cannot allow this to become acceptable.

nonmember avatar ClonedHuman

...but people think that IVF isn't completely immoral and crazy.

I don't agree with messing with nature in any way what so ever, and eat only from my personal garden.

We slaughter our own animals and mill goats.


Texas... TexasRose82

I don't see anything wrong with it. How these people choose to spend their money is none of my business. Oh, and ClonedHuman, comparing IVF to cloning is just ridiculous!

nonmember avatar ricktheman

I agree with you lindylouwho. These show is sick, and the stupid so called pet lovers who waste their money on this type of procedures. The title of the show cought my attention but i could only watch 5 mins of it when they showed how they splice what seemed to be some sord of stomach to retrieve a half developed puppy. I tuned out immediately. TLC has lost my rating as a result, and I am pretty sure i am not the only one.

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