Family Must Choose Between Saving Their Kitten Or Their Brand New Couch

Cat In The CouchThis story really broke my heart because -- in my utterly broke state -- every time I sit on my uncomfortable, lumpy old couch, I wish for a new couch. I have it all picked out: It's big enough to sleep on or slouch on, wide enough for sitting or snoozing, with a chaise on the right side, which would be in front of our bookcase, but that’s okay.

One thing I never wish for is a recliner, because I harbor the paranoid suspicion that such an item would only be lying in wait to devour a helpless pet or baby. And it turns out my paranoid suspicions are entirely correct!

Check out this story of the couch that ate the cat, and the family that made the ultimate sacrifice.


The Milliken family got a brand-new couch for Christmas. It was big, it was cushy, it reclined. But just two days later, they realized their six-month-old Siamese kitten, Mia, was MIA (missing in action).

They listened carefully and heard a pitiful wail coming from right below the reclining part of the couch, where Kim, the mom of the family, was sitting. Mia had climbed inside the couch and was helplessly wedged there.

Quick-thinking Kim slid carefully off the seat, and the family -- a mom, a dad, and two big kids -- gathered around and tried to free the cat. They called neighbors (an off-duty cop and the one-man volunteer fire brigade). They invoked a box cutter, a kitchen knife, a hammer and a crowbar. They spent 90 sickening, anxiety-ridden minutes in a desperate struggle. And in the end, tragically, they had to say goodbye ...

To the couch.

The cat was panicked, breathless, nearly lifeless, but fine -- and barely needed a trip to the vet. But the couch. The beautiful, comfortable, brand-new couch … was toast. Of course I know they did what they had to do, but I mourn for the couch.

I hope the replacement was free (shouldn't a recliner be pet-proof?!) and stays in one place!

Would you be able to sacrifice a brand-new couch to save a cat’s life? What if it were a really old and smelly cat? (I’M KIDDING, STOP THE HATE!)

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