Scary Photos Show What Barbie's Dreamhouse Would Look Like If She Was a Hoarder

barbie trashes her dream house carrie beckerI just can't get into shows like Hoarders and How Clean Is Your House? They terrify me and stress me out. But I understand how some people like to watch them in the same way they can't help looking at a car accident as they drive by. The disastrous images on that show are enough to invoke fear in the hearts of anyone even remotely organized. 

In what appears to be a commentary on a "hoarder's life," artist Carrie Becker recently used her commercial photography skills to shoot 1/6 scale miniatures to create a project called "Barbie Trashes Her Dreamhouse." Being that Barbie has been around since the '50s and worked hundreds of jobs and collected tons of clothes, makeup, hair accessories, it wouldn't be a total shock if her home looked like this.


Becker's aim was to show "a more 'current' view of Barbie's lifestyle" and "create a small, but perfect world where the viewer cannot distinguish between what is reality and what is fiction." The result: A mini version of what I imagine Grey Gardens looked like at one point (sans raccoons).

Here are some more images from Becker's series ...

"The Hallway":

barbie trashes her dream house carrie becker 2

The Teenager's Bedroom:

barbie trashes her dream house carrie becker 3

Working From Home (sends chills up my spine!!):

barbie trashes her dream house carrie becker 4

I find this an amusing commentary on something we've all sort of freaked out about ever since Hoarders made its eerie debut. The show seriously drives people nuts. (How many Facebook status updates have you read that say, "OMG, just watched Hoarders and gave away/threw out 10 boxes of makeup/clothes/old notebooks/useless papers, etc."?) The show makes us all want to buy Dyson vacs and clean our homes from floor to ceiling.

But, at the same time, how realistic -- or come on, even healthy -- is it to be the opposite of a hoarder? It's not exactly a piece of cake to keep your home pristine, especially when you're a multi-tasking superwoman like most of us are these days. Maybe what I'm taking away from Becker's Barbie series is that we should give ourselves a break ... as long as we don't go all Grey Gardens and trash our dreamhouse, you know.

What do you think about these photos?

Images via Carrie M. Becker

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