Arizona Humane Society Does The Almost Unforgivable

catThe Arizona Humane Society totally dropped the ball this holiday season -- and in the worst way possible. When recovering heroin addict Daniel Dockery brought his injured cat, Scruffy, into a clinic he didn't have the $400 to pay for her treatment. Scruffy had suffered some lacerations from a run-in with barbed wire. (Cats, sigh.) Daniel's mom offered to cover the vet's bill if they would take her credit card number over the phone -- but the clinic refused. Long story short, Scruffy got euthanized! And without Daniel's consent.

Recovering heroin addict, barbed wire, cat named "Scruffy," KITTEH KILLED -- oh man, there's so much heartbreak in this story I can hardly stand it! We should be pissed at the Humane Society over this incident. After all, saving animals is supposed to be the Humane Society's whole mission. But here's why I think we should forgive them.


The Arizona Humane Society knows they screwed up. There were articles written and a roaring public outcry. They got hundreds of angry comments on their Facebook page. Donors threatened to pull their support. The Humane Society definitely got the message: They made a horrible mistake.

Then they apologized. They hired a spokesperson to do it, but sometimes that just what you need to get it right. Stacey Pearson sent out a statement: "We truly and sincerely apologize to Daniel Dockery."

And then they tried to make things right. They can't bring back Scruffy from the dead, but they did change their credit card policy. Stacey said, "The policy failed Daniel, and it had the potential to fail another loving pet owner... The agency is immediately taking steps to ensure that the Daniel Dockery situation never repeats itself."

Along with accepting credit card payments over the phone, the Humane Society is also creating a special fund to help strapped pet-owners cover treatment costs. And really, there aren't a lot of animal rescue options out there so animals lovers are right to forgive the organization. Even Daniel wants people to keep supporting them: “I don’t want any more animals to get hurt and not be able to get treated."

Do you think the Arizona Human Society did a good enough job making amends?


Image via vincent.chen/Flickr


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