'Real Housewives' Creator Andy Cohen Shows He Has Better Taste in Decor Than Jill Zarin

andy cohenAndy Cohen, the incredible genius behind all our favorite Bravo shows, opened his apartment to People magazine and gave them a tour of his digs. I, for one, can't get enough of Andy -- anyone who brings the Real Housewives franchise and Top Chef into the world deserves to be canonized -- and I know that if you're a Bravo watcher, you'll agree that really, there's no one cooler on the planet than Mr. Cohen. Smart, charming, and not afraid to bring up some pretty awkward stuff on television, he's everyone's best friend. And now that we've been granted a glimpse into his Manhattan abode, I'm sure you'll love him even more.

He has a jar of sprinkles on his shelf that Amy Sedaris gave him, for crying out loud. Also: Of course he does.


The short video (which you can watch here) show us that Andy is just as suave yet approachable at home as he is in the Bravo Clubhouse. With a flat disco ball for a mirror ("I loves disco balls!" he proclaims) a fake cake in the kitchen and soft purple walls, Andy's place is just what I imagined it would be: Warm, inviting, fun, and a little bit silly.

His apartment looks chic yet modest -- clearly he wasn't taking any tips from gaudy decorators like Jill Zarin and Teresa Guidice. Thank goodness, right? There's only so much room for velour, leopard print, and crystal in the world. The last thing we'd need is an Andy Cohen shag den designed by those two ladies. Yeesh.

As an avid fan of his after show, Watch What Happens Live, I also happen to know that Andy's got a place in the Hamptons where he chills out with all his famous friends and does super-cool celebrity-like things that are too high class to even mention, slash, I have no idea what he does out there. But! I'm sure he has a grand time doing it.

Watch the video and come back to tell me what you think.

Do you love Andy's place? Did you spot his Emmy next to his prized baseball? And how close are he and Amy Sedaris, right? God I'm so jealous.


Photo via greginhollywood/Flickr

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